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External links are references to content pages on other web sites. They provide the basis for maintaining a hierarchy of "bookmarks" that may be managed in a manner analogous to other content items. In particular, external links may be tagged with keywords and related to the site's own content items.


Related Objects

See also: {content_item }



  • Function: content_extlink.is_extlink

    Determines if the item is a extlink

    Author:Karl Goldstein
    Returns:'t' if the item is a extlink, 'f' otherwise
    item_id:   The item id
    function is_extlink (
      item_id	   in cr_items.item_id%TYPE
    ) return char;
    See, content_extlink.resolve


  • Function:

    Create a new extlink, an item pointing to an off-site resource

    Author:Karl Goldstein
    Returns:The id of the newly created extlink
    name:   The name for the new extlink, defaults to the name of the target item
    url:   The URL of the item
    label:   The text label or title of the item
    description:   A brief description of the item
    parent_id:   The parent folder for the extlink. This must actually be a folder and not a generic content item.
    extlink_id:   The id of the new extlink. A new id will be allocated by default
    creation_date:   As in
    creation_ip:   As in
    creation_user:   As in
    function new (
      name          in default null,
      url   	in cr_extlinks.url%TYPE,
      label   	in cr_extlinks.label%TYPE default null,
      description   in cr_extlinks.description%TYPE default null,
      parent_id     in acs_objects.context_id%TYPE,
      extlink_id	in cr_extlinks.extlink_id%TYPE default null,
      creation_date	in acs_objects.creation_date%TYPE
    			   default sysdate,
      creation_user	in acs_objects.creation_user%TYPE
    			   default null,
      creation_ip	in acs_objects.creation_ip%TYPE default null
    ) return cr_extlinks.extlink_id%TYPE;
    See,, content_extlink.resolve


  • Procedure: content_extlink.delete

    Deletes the extlink

    Author:Karl Goldstein
    extlink_id:   The id of the extlink to delete
    procedure delete (
      extlink_id	in cr_extlinks.extlink_id%TYPE
    See, acs_object.delete


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