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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Upgrading a heavily modified site

Posted by Jade Rubick on
Michael, that would be awesome.

All that really needs to be done is to go to the openacs documentation page, download the openacs tarball, and put it on your web server in a location that can be reached by http without going through forms. Then send the link to Joel and ask him if he could put it in the documentation.

Posted by Michael Yoon on
Done. The 4.6.3 tarball is now available at: http://michael.yoon.org/download/openacs/openacs-4.6.3.tgz

I've also emailed the link to Joel.

By the way, AOLserver's "fancy" and "simple" directory listing styles appear to be identical on my server. Is that what's expected, or am I screwing something up?

Posted by Jeff Davis on
The request processor hijacks generating directory listings (if aolserver's dir listing is turned on) but generates the same listing regardless of whether fancy or simple is chosen. See rp_html_directory_listing if you want to fix it...
Posted by Michael Yoon on
Thanks for the explanation, Jeff. I think it's best for all parties if I don't attempt to hack on the Request Processor...