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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Probably a good idea to change the subject

Posted by Nis Jørgensen on
The left menu on openacs.org currently asks people to refrain from using the site "for the next couple of hours" - a message which was relevant on September 24th. I hope posting in the same thread with a different subject helps. Otherwise, perhaps someone can get it off manually (editing the subject or zapping the thread.

(Yes, I realize that I might be bumping the message to the top by posting this)

Posted by Roberto Mello on
When I posted that I had it set to be archived on the 26th. Since you posted this on the 28th, this had already been archived.

The machine is still heavily overloaded though. I don't know if it's been like this for a while, or if it's a recent phenomenon.

The several postmaster backends are using upwards of 90% of the CPU, the biggest culprit being the same notifications query.

The load average is over 4.5, and quite a chunk of used memory is swapped.

We need to upgrade the site yesterday. I can start working on this upgrade on Thrusday. Anyone else that can help?