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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Removing packages question

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Posted by Randy Ferrer on
On a production site, I would like to remove the docs & API browser packages. I would like to know if in doing so I will be breaking anything. Are there any gotcha's when removing these and is there a better procedure than another in removing the packages? I also want to get rid of a substantial portion of the packages that won't be used that are uninstalled. Is it safe to simply blow these out of the packages directory or is there an APM related process to follow. I looked through the docs and the forums but found nothing definitive. Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
It's probably safe to uninstall the acs-api-browser and acs-core-docs packages (haven't tried it myself though). However, why would you want to do that? If you don't want people to be able to access them, just use the Site Map UI to change the permissions on the packages.

For any package that is not installed, deleting all its files from the filesystem is just fine. E.g., "rm -rf /web/mysite/packages/my-unused-package".

Posted by Randy Ferrer on
Thanks Andrew. I went ahead and after backing up everything I removed the packages and so far I don't see any problems. My first approach indeed was to simply set permissions so these would not be accessible other than by someone with admin priviledges. Unfortunately the admin person insisted these be removed so that she would not have to "deal" with them...go figure. Anyhow, I also went ahead and rm -rf the extra packages from the packages directory with no problems as would be expected. I know this was a rather trivial question, but I have seen some issues related to uninstalling packages so I thought I'd ask. Thanks for the response. :-))