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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: External Authentication - LDAP question

Posted by Chris Grant on
Rocael, i tried just using localhost when setting up the ldap server, but it gives me the error:
"could not bind to server localhost: Protocol error"

i also tried to telnet to localhost:389 and (setting up the ldap server for each case, but each time, it says:
"Temporary failure in name resolution Host name lookup failure"
i also tried telnet ldap:// and telnet ldap://localhost:389 without success.
i guess it's the LDAP setup then?

Posted by Bruno Mattarollo on

Hey Chris

Try telnet localhost 389 (note the whitespace between localhost and 389) instead of putting the :.

Posted by Chris Grant on
thanks Bruno, it worked.
says: "Connected to localhost"

so i guess the problem is not ldap? does anyone have an idea?

Posted by Chris Grant on
i changed the slapd.conf file (for openldap) so that it allows binding with LDAPv2. this seemed to do something, because now i get a strange error message:
"error: nsldap: could not open connection to server ldap://localhost" on port 389: Success"
i does anyone know what this means? it still says:
"could not allocate 1 handle from pool ldap" though...
Posted by Chris Grant on
hi guys, thanks for all your help! i've managed to get it working now =)