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Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Broken Download Repositories

Posted by Dave Bauer on
OK rebuilidng the repository worked. I think it was not rebuilt when the server was updated at some point.

Unfortunately the 5.6 branch repository is still missing. I believe there was some issue with the CVS tags sometime, but I thought it had been fixed previously. I'll try to figure it out.

Posted by Dafydd Crosby on
It looks like it is still down: http://openacs.org/repository/5-7/

As well, the new 5.8 repository has development packages, not the 5.7 ones...

I'd be happy to look at the repository generator code if it's available

Posted by Dave Bauer on
You are right.

5.7 must also not be tagged as the repository builder expects.

5.8 is an alias for HEAD so it should have development packages.