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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS Installation. Cannot find ora8.so

Posted by Dave Hwang on
Ok. Since you installed AOLserver 3.4 instead of the 3.3+ad13 tarball, you have to make sure you get the other modules, including the oracle driver. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Go to AOLserver page at Sourceforge and download the nsoracle-2.6 module.
  2. tar zxvf nsoracle-2.6.tar.gz
  3. cd nsoracle-2.6
  4. make INST=<path to your AOLserver installation> (e.g. /opt/aolserver or /usr/local/aolserver)
  5. Now you should have two modules: ora8.so ora8cass.so
  6. make install should copy these modules to your AOLserver bin directory or you can just copy them manually to $INST/bin
  7. Make sure you are starting AOLserver with a script like nsd-oracle so that it has the Oracle-related environment variables properly set.
Hope this helps.
Posted by Thelma Pinto on
Yes i have got the ora8.so and ora8cass.so in the aolserver bin directory. i installed it from the uncompressed aolserver-3.3 ad 13 version. also im using nsd-oracle as the script.

in nsd.tcl
set serverroot  "/home/${user_account}/web/${server}"
set pageroot                ${serverroot}/www