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Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Photo Album

5: Re: Photo Album (response to 1)
Posted by Robert Locke on
FYI, Jeff Davis has an improved Photo Album which can be downloaded from this page:


It includes a slick clipboard functionality where any registered user can save their favorite pics and subsequently order prints online.  I believe it only runs on 4.6 and Postgres.

6: Re: Photo Album (response to 5)
Posted by mark dalrymple on
I'm using Jeff's photo album.  It's nice.  I really like the bulk upload (zip file or tar file).  I don't know if the stock photo albums do that.
7: Re: Photo Album (response to 6)
Posted by Robert Locke on
Yes, how could I forget about that?

It's a great feature that is NOT in the standard distribution I believe.