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Forum OpenACS CMS: Deciding on framework technologies

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Posted by John Osborne on
I am considering using OpenACS but am not yet clear about the benefits between using it and other framework technologies such as; ASP.net, Ruby, Ajax, Eclipse or Cold Fusion.

Since I am an engineer - not a programmer - I won't be developing the site, but retain services to build it.

My intent is to begin with a relatively simple site incorporating:

(*) Forms,
(*) Simple marketplace,
(*) Resource archive and a blog.

Once these functions are running well the plan calls for building a second site, fueled by investors, to develop powerful business-to-business functions.

My immediate network is pressing hard to use PHP or Python along with development tools like Adobe flex. My initial take is that OpenACS coupled with consultants may be a much better solution. But I need more experienced players to support my hypothesis.

Your comments are appreciated. Ultimately I would like to talk to a volunteer or consultant in more detail.

John Osborne

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Perhaps this section of the docs will help:


Posted by Torben Brosten on
The end-user docs may be useful in that they focus more on the basic features of this platform: http://openacs.org/xowiki/docs-end-user
Posted by Mark Aufflick on
It's worth looking at the end user documentation (linked above by Torben) and the list of core and non-core packages (look for "packages" in the menu at the left of the user documentation page).

Then ask yourself if much of the functionality your business requires is substantially similar to the existing features and packages.

If it is, then you will almost definately get a better, cheaper and faster solution by going with OpenACS/.LRN because most of your work is done for you. Any extra functionality can be developed for you by OpenACS consultants.

Posted by John Osborne on
Thank-you/ appreciate your responses.

In 2001 I was introduced to OpenACS, its history and abilities and that is why I am exploring it seriously.

As yet, I have yet to find anyone in Bend/Central Oregon familiar with it. The decision therefore is whether to:

(1) Retain an openacs programmer that I haven't met and probably won't in the near term, or

(2) Retain a local programmer that is skilled in another medium.

More hope is that through this forum I will be able to locate someone that not only knows the code, but who also meets a certain standard for working in long distance mode.

Your thoughts?


Posted by Torben Brosten on
(3) Retain an OpenACS programmer that you could meet in the near term and "meets a certain standard for working in long distance mode."?

There are a few OpenACS programmers in the Portland, Oregon area that meet that criteria, including myself. I'm sure there are also other interested parties at: http://openacs.org/community/companies/

Also, your 2 stage plan (1 site now, 1 in development) on first glance seems to parallel what others are doing with ecommerce-g2: http://openacs.org/xowiki/en/ecommerce-g2



Posted by John Osborne on

My email to you bounced back, if you can, please direct me to your phone number.



Posted by Torben Brosten on
(I just sent my contact info to your email.)
Posted by thealienteen alienteen on